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Controversial Having Fluroide in Water or Toothpaste

June 2012

At present the clinical importance of fluoride is not through its nutritional effects, but through its beneficial pharmacological or toxicological actions. Although fluoride is not considered an essential element, it is still considered a beneficial element.  The toxicity of fluoride has received much attention since it was discovered to cause mottled teeth.  Reviews of fluoride toxicity indicate that chronic toxicity through excessive intake, mainly through water supplies and industrial exposure has been reported in many parts of the world.   Toxicity of fluoride can be dental or skeletal fluorosis. As you can see the nature of fluoride remains controversal.

Although there is substantial scientific evidence that fluoride is essential for the formation of strong teeth and bones, there remains considerable debate regarding its use beyond childhood. In addition, many communities already fluoridate the water supply. Those who live in areas with unfluoridated water and wish to add fluoride to their dental care regimen, should discuss options with their dentist. Because of other available options, and due to the controversial nature of fluoride, a company has chosen to provide a fluoride-free toothpaste that everyone in the family can use and enjoy.



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