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Strategies for Sexual and Reproductive Health

Online Optimal Wellness Program (First Wednesday of each month)

Wednesday, June 2nd 2010

Topic: Pumping Up your Vitality – Strategies for Sexual and Reproductive Health.

6:30 pm  SA – AUSTRALIA
5:00 pm  WA – AUSTRALIA
9:00 pm  NEW ZEALAND

Guest Speaker: Stacey Roberts
Sports Medicine Physiotherapist, Qualified Herbalist
Member of National Herbalist Association of Australia

Stacey Roberts has been involved in health care for two decades in both conventional and
complementary medicine. Stacey is an international therapist who has assisted people in
over 32 countries with improving their overall health and wellbeing by addressing their
physical, physiological, and psychological health with complementary products and

International speaker and best selling author, Stacey has authored and co authored over
7 books/ebooks and has been featured on  World News Now in New York, A Current
Affair, Oprah, filmed by the Discovery Channel , Sunrise in Sydney, and WIN TV among
other radio and television shows in the US and Australia.

Stacey lectures nationally and internationally on fertility, hormone health, kinesiology,
musculoskeletal assessment, parenting issues, and creating optimal health.

Stacey is the director of Sharkey’s Healing Centre which specialises in providing
solutions for couples with fertility issues.  Sharkey’s Healing Centre received the 2007
Stevie Award for the Best Overall Company in Asia (Subcontinent Australia and New

Sexual and reproductive health has many implications on our overall satisfaction and enjoyment of life; from falling pregnant when you want to, to sailing through menopause, from alleviating period pain to having healthy urinary flow at all ages, and from enjoying a healthy libido through to guiding teenagers through a tumultuous puberty.

Vibrant health in this area has wide ranging benefits.  Join us for this informative presentation to learn more.

In this interesting and informative session by the international fertility expert, Stacey Roberts, you will learn:

1. The critical health factors that undermine your reproductive health

2. How poor hormonal health can cause other health conditions such as migraines

3. How drugs and nutrient deficiencies can lead to irregular hormones and reproductive problems

4. The everyday things you can do to improve your chances of falling pregnant

5. How to balance your emotions through proper hormone balance

6. What you can do to improve your libido and sexual function

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