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The Power of Probiotics

There has been a decline in Digestive Health around the world and gut problems are rampant. Some factors that contribute to this phenomena includes:

* Contaminated Water and or Food

* Stress

* Fast Eating

* Medication

* Bad Habits

Maintaining your digestive health is crucial for maintaining your overall health.

So, what can we take to promote healthy digestive system?

Probiotic is:

•    A digestive health formula containing viable beneficial bacteria

•    Helps to maintain healthy gut flora

These probiotic bacteria strains help to maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut, commonly known as the gut flora.

Probiotics Benefits:

1. Replenish beneficial bacteria that get depleted from factors such as antibiotics use, poor diet, and stress.

2. Maintain the balance between friendly and harmful bacteria.

Prebiotic is non-digestible food fibre to stimulate growth of healthy bacteria in the colon.

Watch this video on the power of probiotics :

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